Animated book summary

Yuri Gagarin will forever be known as the first man in outer space. The Russian cosmonaut’s 108 minute journey was the start of his short but eventful second life as an international hero. Here is a nice approach to his … Continue reading

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Impossible Dreams

There is still time to catch a glimse of pioneering space history at the Science Museum, but you need to hurry. The exhibition finishes on 1 March 2016. I was pleased to have made the trip as it triggered memories … Continue reading

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Birth of the Space Age

Creative Review, flagship magazine of the graphic designer show an exciting glimpse of what to expect at the current exhibition at the Science Museum, London. More on this interview with curators Doug Millard and Natalia Sidlina about the show… Continue reading

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The Making of Cosmonauts

A chance remark, back in 2008 started a chain of events leading the most significant exhibition of Soviet and Russian space artifacts held outside of Russian. This talk with Doug Millard, Senior Curator of Cosmonauts, tells the story of how … Continue reading

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Cosmonauts: How Russian Won the Space Race

tumblr_nlf0k8ive41qf8cm7o1_400Documentary which maintains that the real pioneers of space exploration were the Soviet cosmonauts, telling the story of how the Russians led us into the space age.

A treasure trove of unseen footage from Russian archives – available on BBC iPlayer until Tuesday 9 June.


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