Dalek or Sputnik 3?

Sputnik 3 was launched by Soviet Russian in 1958. It was a sophisticated space lab carrying an array of instruments for cosmic research. It was originally designed to fly first but held back to allowing Russia to accelerate its first … Continue reading

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Fellow traveller

Sputnik 1 passed over all the inhabited areas of Earth during its 22 days in orbit. Its famous beep… beep… beep radio signal relayed the change in temperature and pressure inside the satellite as it cirlcled the globe. This gave … Continue reading

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POSTERS 6 – Glory of the Space Heroes – Glory of the Soviet People

Sergei Korolev was the chief designer of the Cold War era space program – but no-one was allowed to know his name. That information was classified. He was simply known to those close to him as ‘the Boss’. Sweden’s Nobel … Continue reading

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POSTERS – the golden age of Soviet cosmonauts

The new exhibition at the Science Museum, London celebrates achievements made by the Soviet Union during the Space Race with the US. Here’s the first in a series of posters on display. Posters were a powerful tool in the propaganda … Continue reading

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Leo Tolstoy

Google’s animated doodle today celebrates the birthday of another great Russian – Count Lev Nikolayevich Tolstoy also known as Leo Tolstoy. He was a Russian writer, philosopher and political thinker who primarily wrote novels and short stories and is widely … Continue reading

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