Animated book summary

Yuri Gagarin will forever be known as the first man in outer space. The Russian cosmonaut’s 108 minute journey was the start of his short but eventful second life as an international hero. Here is a nice approach to his … Continue reading

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Tissue-equivalent mannequin

In 1969 this cosmonaut mannequin was sent around the Moon in the Zond 7 spacecraft as a precursor to a manned mission. Sensors were set into its body to measure radiation levels. Its face is in the image of Yuri … Continue reading

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“Space is ours”

The pride and joy of crowds packing into Moscow’s Red Square to cheer Yuri Gagarin standing with Soviet premier Khrushchev showed itself in all kinds of instant, improvised ways. Continue reading

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Fellow traveller

Sputnik 1 passed over all the inhabited areas of Earth during its 22 days in orbit. Its famous beep… beep… beep radio signal relayed the change in temperature and pressure inside the satellite as it cirlcled the globe. This gave … Continue reading

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Impossible Dreams

There is still time to catch a glimse of pioneering space history at the Science Museum, but you need to hurry. The exhibition finishes on 1 March 2016. I was pleased to have made the trip as it triggered memories … Continue reading

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