24. Yuri’s night before

I think everybody knows the feeling of ‘the night before’ something big. An exam, a daunting journey, or even just a trip to the dentist. Whether from fear or excitement, unable to sleep. It is interesting to see that as usual, Yuri is up to his old tricks. It is noticeable, from his own memoirs and the accounts of those who knew him, how he often took a creative and slightly irreverent approach to his role. You could say he was acting like an excited kid here, but at the same time, his actions show how he takes his role more seriously perhaps than anyone else, even examining his own mental state in his edgy conversation with Kamanin.yuri gagarin – the night before launch

The background to that chat could have been any old doorway, but I was lucky enough to find some images of the actual cottage in which Yuri and Gherman spent the night. It’s a small point, but I hope any reader who goes to the former USSR countries as a ‘space tourist’ will recognise familiar spots in Yuri’s story.

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