Lunokhod 1 lunar roving vehicles

Two Lunokhod vehicles were sent to the Moon’s surface, and remain there today. The Lunokhod vehicles were originally intended to support cosmonauts landing on the Moon. They were expected to land first, and act as a radio beacon and emergency … Continue reading

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“Space is ours”

The pride and joy of crowds packing into Moscow’s Red Square to cheer Yuri Gagarin standing with Soviet premier Khrushchev showed itself in all kinds of instant, improvised ways. Continue reading

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Vostok 6 descent modul

This is the actual spacecraft that took Valentina Tereshkova into space. Inside, Tereshkova faced mortal danger. Soon after reaching orbit, she noticed that the spacecraft was misaligned. Ground control transmitted a new computer program to right the spacecraft. Without this … Continue reading

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Vostok spacecraft

The Vostok spacecraft comprised a spherical cosmonaut cabin and a conical equipment module, with a collar of nitrogen and oxygen tanks surrounding their connection. Only the cabin returned to Earth. This model is finished in stainless steel, but the actual … Continue reading

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Pushing the boundaries

The ultimate goal of the Space Age was to see a man in a rocket, but a barrage of new technologies paved the way. Russia’s pioneering space sector, led by Chief Designer Sergei Korolev, followed the success of Sputnik 1 … Continue reading

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