Sputnik Launced the Start of the Space Race

On this day of 4 October back in 1957, the first manmade object punched its way through Earth atmosphere. Many on the ground believed they could see the Sputnik satellite in the night sky. However, what they probably saw was … Continue reading

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Sputnik 3 solar power

This is a ground testing set for the very first Soviet solar cells flown in space. They generated electricity from sunlight to power one of Sputnik 3’s scientific instruments and the radio transmitter. Continue reading

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Dalek or Sputnik 3?

Sputnik 3 was launched by Soviet Russian in 1958. It was a sophisticated space lab carrying an array of instruments for cosmic research. It was originally designed to fly first but held back to allowing Russia to accelerate its first … Continue reading

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Fellow traveller

Sputnik 1 passed over all the inhabited areas of Earth during its 22 days in orbit. Its famous beep… beep… beep radio signal relayed the change in temperature and pressure inside the satellite as it cirlcled the globe. This gave … Continue reading

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The Making of Cosmonauts

A chance remark, back in 2008 started a chain of events leading the most significant exhibition of Soviet and Russian space artifacts held outside of Russian. This talk with Doug Millard, Senior Curator of Cosmonauts, tells the story of how … Continue reading

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