Impossible Dreams

There is still time to catch a glimse of pioneering space history at the Science Museum, but you need to hurry. The exhibition finishes on 1 March 2016. I was pleased to have made the trip as it triggered memories … Continue reading

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Inside Yuri’s living quarters

A peak inside Yuri’s original home, now a museum plus a potted history of Russia’s success in space exploration in this BBC report. Continue reading

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Birth of the Space Age

Creative Review, flagship magazine of the graphic designer show an exciting glimpse of what to expect at the current exhibition at the Science Museum, London. More on this interview with curators Doug Millard and Natalia Sidlina about the show… Continue reading

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POSTERS 7 – Through the Worlds and Centuries

This poster by Miron Lukianov and Vasily Ostrovsky in 1965 more closely resembles a western movie posters. The rocket trail becomes the path to infinity, walked by a young cosmonaut. Homage is paid to the late nineteenth century philosopher and … Continue reading

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POSTERS 6 – Glory of the Space Heroes – Glory of the Soviet People

Sergei Korolev was the chief designer of the Cold War era space program – but no-one was allowed to know his name. That information was classified. He was simply known to those close to him as ‘the Boss’. Sweden’s Nobel … Continue reading

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