POSTERS 5 – Happy New Year Kids

This poster resembles more a festive greeting card and clearly aimed at future space travellers. It was created in 1963, shortly after Valentin Tereshkova became the first woman in space. The message is clear – the way is open for … Continue reading

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POSTERS 3 – The Fairy Tale Became Truth

This poster celebrates the successful first manned orbit of the Earth. Yuri Gagarin became a global hero almost over night. Cosmonauts were the heroes of the Soviet Union and Gagarin was portrayed as Prometheus – giving fire to man. A … Continue reading

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POSTERS – the golden age of Soviet cosmonauts

The new exhibition at the Science Museum, London celebrates achievements made by the Soviet Union during the Space Race with the US. Here’s the first in a series of posters on display. Posters were a powerful tool in the propaganda … Continue reading

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Cosmonauts: How Russian Won the Space Race

tumblr_nlf0k8ive41qf8cm7o1_400Documentary which maintains that the real pioneers of space exploration were the Soviet cosmonauts, telling the story of how the Russians led us into the space age.

A treasure trove of unseen footage from Russian archives – available on BBC iPlayer until Tuesday 9 June.

How to drop in on the party!

Thinking of how you might make a grand entrance at this years #YurisNight party? Could go for the Ivan Ivanisovich fall from above. Yuri and his fellow cosmonauts took to dropping down elevator shafts onto cushions in an attempt to … Continue reading

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