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Voskhod 1 decent module

The three cosmonauts’ couches inside Voskhod were only fitted with difficulty, making the crew crane their necks to see the instrument panels. With no space for a means of escape to be fitted, a retrorocket slowed the spacecraft as it … Continue reading

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Pushing the boundaries

The ultimate goal of the Space Age was to see a man in a rocket, but a barrage of new technologies paved the way. Russia’s pioneering space sector, led by Chief Designer Sergei Korolev, followed the success of Sputnik 1 … Continue reading

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Birth of the Space Age

Creative Review, flagship magazine of the graphic designer show an exciting glimpse of what to expect at the current exhibition at the Science Museum, London. More on this interview with curators Doug Millard and Natalia Sidlina about the show… Continue reading

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UK finally get their own Yuri

OK, it is over half a century since Russia launched man into space. Britain is now finally to have its own first official astronaut. Major Tim Peake, 41, was selected to fly on a five-month mission on the ISS, in … Continue reading

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