A shock for the West

On April 12, 1961, Russia broadcast a historic radio bulletin that stunned the world. Yuri Gagarin, a 27-year-old Soviet Air Force pilot, had just become the first human ever to fly in space, aboard a small capsule named Vostok (‘East’). … Continue reading

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Modelling Yuri’s World: No.2

Korolev’s Baby, the R-7, ‘Semyorka’ Rocket For some of us, words and pictures are not enough, we like to see things in three dimensions. Few of us though, have the space or the cash to collect real aircraft, rockets, statues, … Continue reading

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Humble independent publisher

Thank goodness for the humble independent publisher. Lover of books and supplier at realistic prices. He won’t be rich, but he will die happy!–) www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/cifamerica/2011/dec/23/ebook-price-swindle-publishing Yuri’s Day iTunes iBook sells for less than one third of the printed price… Continue reading

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The Strange Case of Yuri’s Camera: Part 2

In the last post I described the Soviet ‘Zorki’ cameras that copied the design of the famous German Leica models. By the outbreak of World War Two, the USSR’s camera industry was well established, and many German soldiers in the … Continue reading

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38. ‘All in this together’

It’s hard to say ‘Goodbye’ The trouble is, I really got to like Yuri. The more I have learned about him, the more I envy those who had a chance to meet him in real life. I’m not someone who … Continue reading

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