iBooks fixed layout format for iPad & iPhone

Yuri’s Day has been collaborating with Yudu media on the growing platform for digital publications for the web, iPad and iPhone.

Yudu have been working on filling the Flash void on iPad/iPhone platforms with its new fixed layout format. This brings functional, illustrated books to the iBook store. Features include zoomable, sharp text and thumbnail navigation. The text can be copied, is searchable and incorporates a dictionary too. Ever thought what Sputnik means?
NOUN – each of a series of Soviet artificial satellites, the first of which was (launched on October 4, 1957) was the first satellite to be placed in orbit
ORIGIN Russian, literally ‘fellow-travellor.’

Our insistance to embed audio and video in this format has pushed Yudu’s technology further and we are pleased to announce Gagarin, Korolev and Laika archive footage can be viewed on 1950’s Russian TV sets! The choice is there to view full screen if preferred.

As soon as the book is available on the Apple iBook store, we will let you know.

UPDATE – now available here on the iTunes Bookstore.


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