Modelling Yuri’s World 5:

Yuri Gagarin model in space suitFor some of us, words and pictures are not enough, we like to see things in three dimensions. Few of us though, have the space or the cash to collect real aircraft, rockets, statues, buildings and vehicles. Instead, we turn to models. In this series of posts, we look at some of the kits and ready made models that re-create Yuri’s world in miniature:

Curiously, perhaps the most difficult item of all to find, when trying to build up a collection of models representing Yuri’s world – is Yuri himself!

If you want to collect Yuri Gagarin memorabilia – stamps, medals, posters, commemorative watches, mugs, hats, t-shirts etc., etc., there is almost too much choice, ranging from original Soviet productions, through modern replicas to entirely new creations. In amongst these you will regularly find some of the small bronze busts and statuettes produced in the USSR, but if you want a proper, detailed, scale model figure of Yuri, either in his ‘Falcon’ spacesuit, or in his airforce uniform, well . . . good hunting!

One solid example I have been able to find is actually an English production by Reheat Models, a one-time producer of specialist, short-run resin kits. This model, at 120mm (1:15 scale) is not in production at the time of writing but examples can occasionally be found haunting ebay. For a nicely built up example of this kit see:

Reviews the kit praise its technical detail, but not the likeness to Yuri’s face . . .

Other than that, it is worth noting that the American Revell plastic kit of the Vostok spacecraft does include a pilot figure.

Evidently there is a gap in the market out there for some enterprising model manufacturer to fill!

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