Gagarin Untold Story

Gagarin: Untold Story of First Man in Space (RT Documentary)

The world’s first Cosmonaut; everyone knows his name, but few people ever knew the man. Some say Yuri Gagarin’s iconic first spaceflight was the product of immense good fortune. Others believe he was destined for greatness. RT meets some of Gagarin’s friends and family, who tell the more personal and untold story of the first man ever to venture into space.

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Yuri Gagarin London Airport 1961

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Gagarin’s Flight map at Bonhams

gagarin flight mapAmong a space theme at Bonhams New York office is a piece of Gagarin history.
Fancy a punt?
Lot 14
Москва; Ленинграц. [Moscow; Leningrad].
US$ 800 – 1,200
£620 – 920
Space History

20 July, 13:00 EDT

New York

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Animated book summary

Yuri Gagarin animated storyYuri Gagarin will forever be known as the first man in outer space. The Russian cosmonaut’s 108 minute journey was the start of his short but eventful second life as an international hero. Here is a nice approach to his story – a real-time animation with voice over of Yuri’s life from ObtainEudaimonia.

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Tissue-equivalent mannequin

tissue-equivalent space mannequinIn 1969 this cosmonaut mannequin was sent around the Moon in the Zond 7 spacecraft as a precursor to a manned mission. Sensors were set into its body to measure radiation levels. Its face is in the image of Yuri Gagarin.

tissue-equivalent space mannequin

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