POSTERS 6 – Glory of the Space Heroes – Glory of the Soviet People

Glory of the Space Heroes, Glory to the Soviet People – 1963 propaganda poster

Glory of the Space Heroes, Glory to the Soviet People

Sergei Korolev was the chief designer of the Cold War era space program – but no-one was allowed to know his name. That information was classified. He was simply known to those close to him as ‘the Boss’.

Sweden’s Nobel Committee wished to award a prize to the chief designer and asked to know his name. Premier Kruschev refused to divulge, instead saying the entire Soviet people deserved the award. This 1963 poster illustrates the broad spectrum of support behind the successful space missions. Scientists, foundry workers ground staff, even farmers man and women. Inclusive pride throughout the motherland.

The full collection of soviet space posters can be viewed at the current exhibition at the Science Museum

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