Soyuz-T Neptune console

Soyuz-T Neptune information display system

Soyuz-T Neptune information display system, 1982-83

This console gives the Soyuz module’s crew information on the spacecraft’s condition and trajectory. It provides a keyboard interface with the spacecraft’s computer for inputing commands during manoeuvering, docking, descent and landing. The small globe displays the craft’s position over the Earth.

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3 Responses to Soyuz-T Neptune console

  1. Scott

    How much do you know about the Neptune? I have one of these consoles and am trying to establish if it is a Soyuz T or TM version information display system panel.


  2. P Hodkinson

    The clue is in the caption, taken from the recent Science Museum exhibition. I would not know personally, but it was labelled as a Soyuz-T Neptune.

  3. P Hodkinson

    Just had a quick look at your site and see a keen interest in space development, especially the US programme. You may be pleased to hear I have been working with Piers on a book covering the Apollo missions, showcasing a fabulous collection of high resolution photos from the relevant Hasselblad cameras at the time. ‘Moonshots’ will be published later this year.

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