Stakhanovites at work!

If it’s been a little quiet around here, it’s because the team have been hard at work on the next phase of Yuri’s Day. At the time of writing we are excitedly waiting for delivery of the new, hardback editions of the book – one in English, and one in Russian. Getting these done has been an intensive task. First job was to review all the constructive feedback and criticism from our many commenters on this site. We can’t claim to have incorporated everybody’s wisdom, but we are very grateful for the chance to hear people’s opinions. Next job was to get the Russian language edition ready, and here we took the opportunity to make several improvements in the artwork, completely changing some pages and adjusting others to give a better balance to the story. Working with our enthusiastic translator, Anatoly Dunaev, we have been delighted to see our characters begin to speak their native language. It’s a great privilege, and a thrill to see how good Russian looks on the page! Finally, we took the improved Russian version artwork as the basis for a new English edition. Some small changes were made in the text, as a result of research and comments received, and both editions have been given a foreword and introduction, plus other additional material. Overall we think the story will now have an even better presentation for both Russian language and English language readers. Yuri Gagarin of course, is the man who has made all this possible, and the countdown is ticking away rapidly toward the big day. So, thanks to all who have followed our story so far, and here’s to a great Yuri’s Day and Yuri’s Night on April 12th!

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