The designer/publisher

Comrade Peter Hodkinson

Peter has designed a portfolio of material for the public understanding of science. The most committed being the flagship ‘Frontiers’ magazine for PPARC (Particle Physics and Astronomy Research Council) – now STFC. Projects have promoted cutting-edge science in both UK and Europe. Portfolio of available on the Spaced Design website.

Spaceships – the next generationPeter and Piers discovered overlapping areas of work and collaborated their skills on a coffee table book. SPACESHIPS – The Next Generation was conceived, a full colour look at the story of space travel… then, now, to infinity and beyond!

With talk of the approaching 50th anniversary of Yuri’s historical space flight, deliberations focussed on “how the incredible stories of two men from humble beginnings to send the first man into space could be told in a more accessible way?” and “How best to communicate their dramatic, converging paths and their tragic ends….?” Ideas sewn,  a graphic novel was born. So began our quest for an illustrator with an interest in space travel, a love of comics and an insane desire for accuracy. Andrew is that man! The team complete.

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