The illustrator

Comrade Andrew King

Andrew became a graphic novel artist by accident. Like Yuri Gagarin he grew up building and flying model planes and even model rockets, but unlike Yuri, he wasn’t brave enough for the real thing. Most of his career has been spent either designing and drawing things or explaining things. Being able to tell such an amazing story as that of the first man in space, by designing and drawing seems like a good mix… and a rare privilege.

When not trying to put Yuri’s story into pictures, Andrew lectures on design history and theory to students on architecture, design and professional model making degrees.

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4 Responses to The illustrator

  1. Pete Hodkinson

    What version are you using?
    The site should be perfectly usable on the latest version of Opera (10.6)

  2. Philip Bird

    Hi Andrew,

    Not sure if you’ll get this but further to our chat this morning re Soviet SF films the title I was trying to remember was First on the Moon (Pervye na Lune), dir: Fedorchenko, 2005. Would love to know what you make of it! Easy to find on youtube.

    All the best,

    Philip (Oldfield Park Bookshop)

  3. john chris jones

    hello andrew,

    glad to be in touch again and to discover this interesting website…

    as it happens i was also a teenage aero modeller and in 1961 saw Yuri Gagarin speaking from the back of a truck outside the works of Metrovick Trafford Park, Manchester… he was invited by one of the unions… Labour leaders such as Aneurin Bevan were sometimes invited to speak there in the lunch hour to some of the 25,000 people who worked at Metrovick (later called AEI)…

    good wishes

    john chris

  4. Andrew J King

    Great to hear from you!

    I think the Yuri Gagarin 50 Memories project would like to hear your story:

    Best wishes!

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