Yuri Gagarin 50th anniversary

The 50th anniversary of Yuri Gagarin’s flight is not just important for Russia and America, those two great pioneering space nations. It’s also important for the UK. Last year I attended a session in our very own Houses of Parliament, where UK guest cosmonaut Helen Sharman made a presentation on behalf of a new UK organisation called yurigagarin50.org. Its aims are to showcase UK and Russian achievements in space and highlight their benefits to all of us. This is also a unique opportunity for Russian and British science and educational communities to share common ideas and get to know each aother a little better. Take a look at their website and let them know of any events that you might be planning as we head towards celebrating the epic achievement of the first man in space.

Like our great Coalition Government keeps telling us, “we’re all in this together!”

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3 Responses to Yuri Gagarin 50th anniversary

  1. Stalin

    Oh yes, “we are together in this” said the fly on the back of the race-horse. No, you’re not “in this” together with the Russians. Remind me please, what was the name of the British space-ship? Oh, I get it, it was “Doctor Who”! Besides, when the Americans celebrated THEIR landing on the Moon, nobody was saying “we are together”, everybody praised AMERICAN achievement.

  2. P Hodgkinson

    Thank you for your comment. It brought a smile to my face.
    Perhaps the most British spaceship would be Dan Dare’s – a true comic fantasy. Ironically, it’s name was Anastasia! 🙂

  3. tovarisch

    You tell this with some envy…

    Mr Stalin, 12 Apr 1961 soviet radio translated text, what soviet regime …

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