Yuri’s Day iBook available

Yuri Gagarin - Yuri's Day graphic novel bookYuri’s Day is available as a special edition dynamic eBook for Apple iPad/ iPhone/iPodTouch platforms. Created in the new fixed layout format that brings text functional, illustrated books to the iBook store. Features include zoomable, sharp text and thumbnail navigation. Names and terms can be copied, searched or linked to a dictionary too. Our eBook takes full advantage of the dynamic content ability and embeds audio and video files in working  retro 50′s Russian TV sets! The choice is there to view full screen video if preferred. View iTunes Book link here.


Spread showing retro Russian working TV!


Sample spread showing text search facility

First man in space – Yuri Gagarin

Video can be viewed on TV or full screen

Korolev and Tsiolkovsky pages from Gagarin graphic novel bookGagarin in space – graphic novel book

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