Yuri’s flying machines – Mig 15

The Mig 15 had a sinister reputation in the West during the early years of the Cold War. This rather futuristic looking jet fighter represented the ability of the Soviets to challenge the technological superiority of the capitalist world. At its first entry into the Korean War in the early 1950’s it shocked the Americans by showing a clear superiority to the US jets of the period, and only with the introduction of the new Sabre jet, did the Americans begin to win back the lead.

Ironically, the Mig 15 is very American looking -it could almost be the hood ornament from an American car, especially as the Soviet Air Force fielded them in polished aluminium with red stars and a red lighting flash on the tail. Its modernity comes partly from the Soviet desire to imitate and better American products, but also from the very advanced experiments in aircraft design that were being done in Russia since the early years of the Revolution.

Today the Mig 15 is popular with vintage aircraft enthusiasts and sport flyers wealthy enough to own private jets. Ironically, there are probably more Mig 15s flying in the USA today, than in the former Soviet-bloc countries!

Mig 15 – futuristic looking jet fighter

Mig 15 – futuristic looking jet fighter

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