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Space Race – The US Strikes Back!

Space Race – the US Strikes Back!It’s that time again… 50 years since the USA had their golden moment, landing the first humans on the moon. Prior to that, they had not had it all their own way and their … Continue reading

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SpaceX dummy run in Space

I can’t believe it was now 8 years ago since we celebrated 50 years of Yuri Gagarin‘s first manned space flight with our graphic novel Yuri’s Day. I’m fully tuned as Yuri’s famous flight was in my birth year. 8 … Continue reading

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Ultima Thule mashup

2019 got of to a positive start, in astronomical terms. NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft made a close flyby of the distant object Ultima Thule on the edge of the Kuiper Belt. So little is known of this 20 mile long … Continue reading

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Sputnik Launced the Start of the Space Race

On this day of 4 October back in 1957, the first manmade object punched its way through Earth atmosphere. Many on the ground believed they could see the Sputnik satellite in the night sky. However, what they probably saw was … Continue reading

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8 more facts you probably didn’t know about Gagarin…

The senior curator of a Science Museum exhibition charting the Soviet scientific and technological ingenuity that kick-started the space age (‘Cosmonauts: Birth of the Space Age’, which ran until March 2016) reveals eight things you (probably) didn’t know about Yuri … Continue reading

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